Interior Arrangement and Design

From a single room “refresh” to total home renovation, Bailey House Interiors will help you bring your vision of the ideal home to life – on time and within budget. Whether your style is elegant or eclectic, bold or basic, we want to give you a final product that is uniquely you. We will help you select the best furnishings, art, flooring, lighting, architectural fixtures, wall coverings, fabrics, window treatments, and more to create a home that is not only beautiful, but also highly functional, custom suited to your lifestyle, and marketable should you ever decide to sell.


The real estate market today is highly competitive and internet driven. Your home gets one chance to make a great first impression online as well as in person. We will make your house stand out from others on the market and position your home to sell more quickly and for a higher price. With extensive training and experience in home staging, Bailey House Interiors can give your home the edge by guiding you through the de-cluttering, repairs, and regrouping needed to help buyers envision your home as their home.

Whether you choose to stage the entire home or only key rooms, we’ll enhance and showcase your home’s best features and downplay those that are not as strong, creating a look that will appeal to the broadest possible range of prospective buyers’ tastes and lifestyles.

To get the best sales price possible, call us before you begin working with a real estate agent. We’ll assess your home and help you identify which minor investments can net major gains in its market value. We’ll help you develop the tools needed to confidently interview realtors and understand how the real estate process works. When prospective realtors walk into a home that is already updated and staged for sale, they immediately see it as more marketable. We can help you make realistic and affordable changes that achieve maximum impact on your sales price.

Sell or Stay?

To sell or to renovate? It’s a question that’s both financial and emotional, and we can help guide you through this important decision based on our years of experience designing, renovating, and profitably selling homes. We’ll candidly and objectively evaluate your home and advise you whether it makes more sense to stay and update or to sell and move on.

If you decide to move on, we can help you stage your home for the fastest, most profitable sale, and if you decide to stay, we can work with you over the long-term to keep your home in good condition and on trend. We’ll help you understand which home improvements are good investments and which are not, taking into account both your current and future needs.


The only constant in life is change, and Bailey House Interiors can help you redesign your living space to accommodate any changes in your lifestyle. Whether you are transitioning to an empty nest, moving an elderly parent into your home, starting or blending a family, moving into your first home after college, or experiencing any other major life change, we can help you transform your home to best suit your new lifestyle.

Special Events and Celebrations

Hosting a special event at your home can be stressful. Whether you have house guests coming, or are hosting a party, a wedding, a holiday gathering, or any other event, we can spruce up your décor and help to make the event more special and memorable for your guests – and more relaxing for you.